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Body Fluid Disposal

Body fluid disposal is the safe removal of any hazardous bodily fluids that could be infectious or unhygienic – this includes blood, vomit and urine. It also refers to the disposal of items used in or on the body, like syringes, needles and scalpels. 

We sell a range of body fluid disposal items to help with safe and sanitary body fluid removal. Our full body fluid disposal kit includes everything needed to disinfect and dispose of infectious or hazardous bodily fluids – ideal for schools, public buildings, and workplaces. We also supply sharps disposal bins, clinical waste bags, and signs and posters for clear communication with passers-by.

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Dealing with body fluid spillages can be unpleasant, but they must be cleaned and disposed of responsibly, hygienically and safely. This significantly reduces the chances of spreading infections, viruses and bacteria.

We’ve answered our most common questions on this topic below.

  • Can I dispose of body fluid in a domestic waste bag?

    Bodily fluids – such as vomit, blood or urine – should be disposed of carefully and in specially designed clinical waste bags. Once spilt, bodily fluids can harm those who come into contact with them – particularly if they are not cleaned thoroughly using the correct equipment.

    Bodily fluid disposal kits should be used in these circumstances because bodily fluids are a significant source of bacteria, viruses and other infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or HIV. Practising impeccable hygiene is essential.

    Our 5kg clinical waste bags are designed to handle potentially hazardous liquids and substances safely. They meet UN approval and are made from thick and robust polythene with the necessary warnings printed on each bag for easy identification.

  • What is a body fluid disposal kit?

    Body fluid disposal kits contain specific items that facilitate bodily fluids' hygienic and safe removal. They also include everything needed to disinfect the affected area, ensuring no traces of the potentially hazardous substance remain. Essentially, they reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

    Our biohazard clean-up kit contains five individual sets with 12 items inside. Each set includes:

    • Polythene apron
    • Absorbent granules 10g
    • Biohazard bag
    • Disinfectant spray 30ml
    • Disinfectant wipe
    • Dry Cloth
    • Polythene feet covers
    • Gloves
    • Plastic scoop
    • Plastic scraper
    • Zip tie
    • Instructions
  • Who should have a body fluid disposal kit?

    It is advisable for all businesses, public premises and schools to have body fluid removal products on-site. Responsible disposal of potentially hazardous bodily fluids, or items which have come into contact with bodily fluids, is paramount.

    The NHS states that blood or body fluid spillages should be dealt with immediately by someone trained to undertake this safely and efficiently.

    To prevent accidents, we would also advise organisations to have signage, such as a wet floor sign or instructional poster for sharps removal.