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Evacuation Chairs

If your workplace has stairs, it should also have Evacuation Chairs. In the event of an emergency, you could well find that you’re not going to be able to use the lifts.
This presents a challenge to those who have mobility issues, such as the injured, elderly, visually impaired, and wheelchair users. It’s undignified and dangerous to attempt to carry people down the stairs.
An evacuation chair is a perfect solution to getting trapped people down stairs to safety.
It is thanks to the stairblade system which allows you to easily push the evac chair down the stairs, whilst remaining in full control. And wheels help to easily maneuverer them to and from the stairs.
The evacuation chairs also fold away discreetly, fit onto the wall and often come with a cover. That means they remain out of the way and are kept in a good condition. After all, the aesthetics of your premises haven’t got to suffer as a result of safety regulations.
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Evacuation Chair Training
You need to have designated members of staff who have the duty of operating the evacuation chair in the event of an emergency.
Training allows the users to know how the evacuation chair operates. That means time isn’t wasted in an actual emergency trying to figure out how it works. It’s much easier to work that out in a situation where everyone isn’t panicking.
When carrying out a fire drill, it’s also a good idea to have someone sitting in the chair. That way, designated people can practice using it in a real evacuation.
And next to where the evacuation chair is kept, also have a sign which says who the members of staff are who are trained in using it. That way, everyone knows who to go to when they need someone to operate it.
For more information or advice on things like emergency chair regulations please give us a call or send us an email.