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Evacuation Chairs

In an emergency, evacuation chairs are an alternative solution for those with mobility restrictions. Businesses are responsible for keeping their staff and customers safe, which is why they must have a secure evacuation plan in place. However, relying on lifts in hazardous situations can be unreliable and unsafe, and lifts are often disabled during fire alarm activations. Installing an evacuation chair allows you to quickly and easily manoeuvre a person down multiple flights of stairs without causing harm to yourself or others.  

We have a wide range of evacuation chairs to suit every budget. All with a compact design that can be easily folded away and easy to operate with optimal comfort. We supply mounted chairs with a sliding mechanism to smoothly travel up and down stairs, as well as fold-flat portable ambulance chairs.

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Evacuation chairs are important safety equipment which, in an emergency, could save lives. For those with mobility restrictions, they offer swift and effortless evacuation without causing injury or further stress to themselves or others. 

This range offers a wide variety of benefits, and are also available in various options to suit your preferences as below.

Product NameCoverWall MountFloor StandCabinet
Ego Evacuation Chair
Versa Evacuation Chair
Versa Elite Evacuation Chair

What is an evacuation chair?

An evacuation chair is a quick and efficient way to help mobility-impaired people get up or down stairs when an alternative route is unavailable. Mobility impairment doesn’t just mean a physical disability; it could be someone with asthma, heavily pregnant, or heart conditions.

Evacuation chairs are commonly found in business premises, such as offices, retail, schools and care homes. They are compact, foldable chairs that are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Our range includes premium mounted chairs with armrests and padding, as well as cost-effective portable chairs.

Are evacuation chairs a legal requirement?

As well as a general duty of care, business owners have a legal requirement to have health and safety measures in place for their employees. Although there are no set rules to say they must have an evacuation chair on site.

The most recent Regulatory Reform Order (2005), however, does state that the organisation must “Consider anybody who may be especially at risk. For example, somebody with a physical disability”. With this in mind, evacuation chairs should be provided where there is not a safe and swift route for those who may need them.

How to use evacuation chair

When installing an evaluation chair on-site, you should designate responsible staff members to operate them. There will be different operation methods depending on the chair. However, responsible people must know how to use them safely and efficiently.

The product manual will provide detailed instructions on how to use the chair. Many companies also offer evacuation chair training, which is advisable. It’s also recommended that the designated operators have practical experience at least four times a year.

Some chairs will be installed and positioned where the user can lower themselves onto the chair; however, they may also require assistance. Once the user is in position, they should be securely strapped into the seat. From this point, the chair should take the lead and manoeuvre the passenger to the destination.

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