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Fire Brigade Equipment

When it comes to fire safety and property management, there are plenty of measures you can take to minimise the impact of a fire. One such measure is installing fire brigade equipment on your property. This is equipment like dry risers, standpipes, fire hoses, fire nozzles and more, all of which are used by trained members of a fire brigade to swiftly put out a fire. This equipment is also used by contractors and water agencies throughout the UK. At Fire Protection Online, all of our fire brigade equipment is top quality and meets the British Standards.

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What equipment do the fire brigade use?

Typically, fire brigade equipment is split between two types: portable and fixed. The former refers to equipment like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc., and are used to put out small fires. The latter refers to equipment like dry risers, standpipes, etc., and are used to put out large-scale fires. 

Dry risers and standpipes

Browse our range of dry risers. We carry all the equipment you need – including cabinets, valves and valve accessories – to assemble a reliable water distribution system throughout your property for the fire brigade to access. 

In the UK, fire hydrants are located underground, under a yellow H painted on the road or pavement. They provide fire brigades with an unlimited source of water to tackle fires. However, to access it, you need a standpipe as well as a hydrant key or bar. Our range is built to British Standards and is reliable and easy to use.

Fire brigade hoses

In our range of fire hoses you will find type 2 and type 3 hoses. Type 2 has a polyurethane outer coating for extra abrasion resistance. Type 3 is encased in rubber nitrile and is resistant to oil and most chemicals. The latter is a good option if you need to use a fire hose frequently, as it’s made from durable materials and can also easily be repaired. 

Fire brigade nozzles and branchpipes

An essential element of fire brigade equipment, fire nozzles and branchpipes control the direction and flow of water. Our range of nozzles have undergone rigorous tests to ensure they comply with British Standards, and are made from high-quality materials. 

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