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Fire Brigade Equipment

Shop our range of dry riser equipment to ensure the fire brigade has an ongoing source of water in the event of a fire
Dry risers provide the fire brigade with an ongoing source of water. They also ensure water can rapidly reach other areas of a building.

View all our Dry Riser Equipment solutions
Shop our range of standpipes to allow fire fighters to attach their hoses with ease
From plug and chains to rubber washers to hydrant key and bars, our standpipe collections ensure fire fighters can attach their hoses with ease and speed when fires arise.

View all our Standpipe solutions
Leather strap
RRP: £23.06
but you save 76%
OUR PRICE: £5.44
(£6.53 inc. vat)
(2 reviews)  
Instantaneous rubber washer
RRP: £8.00
but you save 78%
OUR PRICE: £1.79
(£2.15 inc. vat)
(2 reviews)  
Heavy duty fire hose type 3
RRP: £312.68
but you save 44%
OUR PRICE: £176.35
(£211.62 inc. vat)
(2 reviews)  
Fire Brigade Keys
RRP: £11.22
but you save 64%
OUR PRICE: £4.06
(£4.87 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Fire Brigade Padlock
RRP: £31.44
but you save 61%
OUR PRICE: £12.15
(£14.58 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Green breathing apparatus box
RRP: £160.91
but you save 40%
OUR PRICE: £96.30
(£115.56 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
UK alloy coupling
RRP: £46.23
but you save 42%
OUR PRICE: £26.72
(£32.06 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Wildfire Beater Kit
RRP: £162.96
but you save 43%
OUR PRICE: £92.35
(£110.82 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Blank plug and chain
RRP: £23.06
but you save 47%
OUR PRICE: £12.14
(£14.57 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  

For businesses that require and maintain an onsite fire brigade, or access to fire hose and professional level equipment, Fire Protection Online offer heavy duty equipment at featherweight prices!

For example, our humble 2.5" alloy coupling meets the British Standard, fits layflat fire hose and is the UK Fire Service Standard fitting. Yet you save over 27% on list price, just from buying from Fire Protection Online. (If you require gunmetal or plastic couplings, email us for details.)

Brigade-standard Fire Fighting Hoses

Our type 2 layflat fire hose meets British Standards, with an addition tough polyurethane coating that makes it much more resistant to scuffing and wear when in use on concrete or rough surfaces. All couplings are UK Fire Service standard, so any authority firefighters attending won't find their equipment incompatible with yours. This strong and dependable hose gives you a hose length of 60 or 75 feet from the coupling. 45mm and 65mm diameters available along with Type 3 (similar to Angus Duraline) and offshore gunmetal couplings.

Fire Brigade Standard Standpipes

Standpipes in the street used to be a symbol of the drought-stricken 1970s, but with the British weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, a whole new generation now knows what one looks like. Our quality alloy standpipe is light to handle yet robust enough for use in any emergency situation. The single head version has a standard UK 2.5" female BSRT inlet and female outlet. The double-headed version offers greater capacity when you need it most, and is supplied with a blanking plug for when one outlet is sufficient.

Rapid access to a hydrant water supply is crucial in an emergency, and the last thing you want to be doing at this point is scrabbling on the ground, arm deep in accumulated muddy water, trying to reach an underground valve. Our hydrant key and bar does the hard work for you, with the key section (the upright) over a metre long for easy operation. Made from a tough and durable alloy, the key and bar system fits the standard BS750 2 1/2" BSRT male vales. An extra-tough steel version for frequent use is also available on request.

Branchpipes and Nozzles

Our range of branchpipes and nozzles ensure water gets to where it is needed - fast. Our gunmetal branchpipe allows you to change the hose output from a drenching curtain of water to a powerful jet, simply by turning the annular sleeve. This branchpipe conforms to BS336, has a 2 1/2" male inlet and a 1 1/3" BSP threaded male outlet.

For a jet of water that hits the base of a fire with accuracy and ease, the plain nozzle is simple and efficient. With a 1 1/2" male connector, this 120mm length nozzle from Fire Protection Online will give you years of trouble-free service on the end of your fire hose.