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Traffic Mirrors

Placing traffic mirrors in the ultimate position allows you to see everything that’s going on around you without needing to move or monitor surveillance cameras.

Providing the perfect solution for security, surveillance and safety on your construction site, in your warehouse, shop, or simply on the side of the road.

Eliminating blind spots at corners, concealed entrances and exits, car parks and junctions, having traffic mirrors will prevent accidents and therefore reduces the likelihood of injury. They’re handy whether you’re driving a car or lorry, or even operating a forklift truck or pallet trolley as you can see oncoming people and traffic.

And with internal surveillance mirrors placed in the corner or centre of the building/room, it allows you and everyone else to monitor activity from one position, without the need to use CCTV.

In warehouses, it’ll enable you to see behind tall racking, and in a small shop will allow you to spot a shoplifter in the act. This is because their domed shape gives a wide viewing angle.

Our range of traffic mirrors also includes portable inspection mirrors which are designed for carrying out security checks under vehicles and seats.

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