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Fire Extinguisher Plinths

Fire extinguishers are an essential piece of safety equipment and need to be stored in a way that ensures they are easy to find and to use at all times. Often extinguishers are mounted on a wall, or placed in a stand. A plinth is a way of keeping an extinguisher secure in a visible, accessible location that can be easily moved. 

The extinguisher sits in a secure base with clear markings, which means using a plinth will satisfy regulations and ensure your extinguishers are found and used easily when needed. Fire extinguisher plinths from Fire Protection Online offer single or double plinths, with double plinths designed to accommodate CO2 extinguishers as well as water or foam extinguishers.

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  • Do fire extinguishers need to be on a stand?

    Fire extinguishers need to be placed where they can be seen and used easily by everyone who might need to use them. This means securing them in some way, so they are not easily moved from where people expect them to be, and they are more difficult to topple over, which may result in damage. This does not mean they need to be on a stand, but stands and plinths are both effective ways of fulfilling these requirements.

  • Why can’t fire extinguishers be on the floor?

    When a fire extinguisher is kept on the floor with no stand or plinth it can be picked up and easily moved around. This means they are liable to be used in ways they aren’t supposed to, for example to prop open doors. When fire extinguishers are moved around then when they come to be used they are difficult to locate, which is unsafe. It should be clear to everyone in a building where extinguishers are located, and people regularly in the building should be able to immediately find extinguishers where they expect them to be.

    Fire extinguishers kept on the floor are also less visible. Fire extinguishers should be visible and their presence indicated by signs.

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