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Fire Safety Signs

Fire Protection Online is your one-stop shop for all the safety signs you need for your business. Shop our range of warning signs, hazard signs, fire safety signs and more to ensure your industrial or commercial premises is fully compliant with UK health and safety law.

Securing the safety of your business space and all who use it shouldn’t be a hassle. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and exceptional standard of customer service, with a team of safety experts to offer guidance and simplify the sometimes-tricky task of navigating the latest regulation on proper safety signage.

For safety signs that are both cost-effective and up to all the latest regulatory standards, buy from a supplier you can trust – Fire Protection Online. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s what we’re here for.

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UK Legislation on Safety Signs

The installation of fire safety signs is part of an employer's responsibility under the law to ensure, so far as is possible, the health, safety and welfare of both employees and the general public using industrial or commercial premises.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 stipulates that it is the employer’s duty to:

  • Make the workplace safe and without risks to health to employees and the public - the use of safety signs can alert people to hazards, and show safety procedures
  • Ensure plant and machinery are safe and that safe systems of work are set and followed - correct signs can show safe working rules and regulations
  • Ensure articles and substances are moved, stored and used safely - your signage can immediately notify persons of any substance hazard

Types of safety signs

Safety signs come in lots of different shapes, sizes and, crucially, colours. The use of a particular colour indicates the type of message it is designed to convey:

Green Signs Are Called "Safe Condition" Signs
These signs can either tell people the location of certain safety equipment, such as first aid equipment and fire exits, or tell people that it is safe to do something in case of an emergency.

Red Signs Are Called "Fire Safety" Signs
They are used only for showing the location of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.

Blue Circles Are Called "Mandatory" Signs
These signs give orders: you need to do whatever is written on the sign. A good example would be a fire action notice.

Red Circles With A Diagonal Line Through A Pictogram Are Called "Prohibition" Signs
You must not do whatever is shown on the sign. The fact that these signs have circles on them means that the instructions they contain must be followed.

Yellow Triangles Are Called "Caution" Signs
These should be used if something dangerous needs to be brought to people's attention. Other signs may be used to point to toilets, etc. These can be any format you wish, but you must not be able to confuse them with safety signs.

Note that a lot of safety signs do not use or require text. Symbols are used instead to give a multilingual sign, ensuring that all occupants of a premises can understand the information given.

Other guidance issued under The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 requires employers to provide specific safety signs whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or controlled by other means: for example, by engineering controls or safe systems of work. Where a safety sign would not help to reduce the risk, or where the risk is not significant, there is no need to provide a sign. If you have any questions about this, a member of our team will be happy to advise you!

Known as "photoluminescent," some signs are available in glow-in-the-dark finishes to help occupants of a premises read the information and navigate themselves to safety in case of a power cut.

Safety Posters

You may need to exhibit the current "Health and Safety Law, What You Need To Know" poster that is available from the HSE in order to satisfy the current Health and Safety regulations.

Many places of work now require health and safety signs by law. Remember all safety signs for every situation, from the simple 'no smoking' label to the photoluminescent 'safe passage' sign, must include a visual symbol by law. Regardless of the language your employees and customers speak, all fire safety signs must be quickly understood.

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