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Fire Safety Signs

Under UK Health and Safety Regulations, employers must ensure their workplace is safe and poses no risk to employees and the public. Part of this responsibility involves, where necessary, the installation and maintenance of safety signage. There are different types of safety signs, conveniently organised by category below for you to browse. These signs serve a range of purposes including but not limited to alerting people to potential hazards, displaying safety procedures, or indicating the location of the nearest emergency exit, first aid kit, or fire-fighting equipment

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  • What are the different types of safety signs?

    There are 5 types of safety signs, organised by colour and symbol.

    • Green signs: Also known as safe condition signs, these are used to indicate the location of safety equipment, and also instruct people on what is safe to do in the event of an emergency. Fire exit signs and first aid signs are examples of such signs. 
    • Red signs: Also known as fire safety signs, they are used to indicate the location of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. 
    • Blue circle signs: Also known as mandatory signs, they instruct people on what must be done. A good example would be fire door signs.
    • Red general prohibition signs: Also known as prohibition signs, they indicate what people must not do. No smoking signs are a good example of prohibition signs. 
    • Yellow triangle signs: Also known as caution signs, these are used to draw people’s attention and alert them to potential hazards or dangerous substances. Flammable and Gas Warning signs are examples of yellow triangle signs.

    Our PVC rigid plastic safety and information signs and photoluminescent or ‘glow in the dark’ signs that are extremely durable and easy to affix.

    The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 require employers to provide specific safety signs whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or controlled by other means, for example by engineering controls or safe systems of work. Where a safety sign would not help to reduce the risk, or where the risk is not significant, there is no need to provide a sign

  • Health and Safety Law posters

    You need to exhibit the current Health and Safety Law, What You Need To Know poster that is available from the HSE in order to satisfy the current Health and Safety regulations. You might also need to display fire action notices or other safety signs that provide employees with vital information (from assembly point signs to guidance on PPE or Personal Protective Equipment). 

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