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Hi-Vis Coveralls

Hi-Vis Coveralls

Protecting you from dirt and oil at work, our range of hi-vis coveralls includes those suitable for providing flame resistance and have anti-static properties. Preventing potentially serious injuries, our coveralls are machine washable and available in different colours, sizes and styles so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Often providing dual hazard protection and compliant with multiple EN standards, they also feature high visibility tape which ensures the wearer remains seen in low-light conditions. They’re also packed with features, including multiple pockets so you’ll always have somewhere to keep those items you need to have handy at all times, such as a radio. Plus, with integrated knee pockets, discomfort when kneeling is now unnecessary.

Comfortable to wear all day long, our hi-vis coveralls are the ideal workwear garment to protect yourself and your clothing.

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