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First Aid Posters

First Aid Posters

It is essential that the first aid posters be prominently displayed in the workplace. Featuring simple illustrations and easy-to-read-text, our range of safety posters are great for first aiders and non-first aiders. Providing assistance for just about any situation which may arise, from general first aid, burn care and even administering life-saving care such as CPR or using an AED.

Covering aspects such as calling for assistance and early pre-treatment, having a first aid poster graphically illustrated with easy-to-read text is a great help to first aiders as well as non-first aiders. Each posters shows a potentially lifesaving procedure, are fully updated and have been compiled by health and safety practitioners in accordance with the First Aid Safety Regulations.

While a majority of our other safety posters are not a business necessity, you are required to ensure employees are given clear instruction and training for any equipment you provide, which these posters will help you to achieve. Plus, anything that can prevent an accident or injury will always be something which is welcomed by any responsible employer.

All posters are suitable for fixing to a flat surface by using stick pads, and this selection of posters is part of our large range of Health & Safety Posters.

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