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Do Not Signs

All signs that feature a black pictogram overlaid with a red circle with a line across it indicate a prohibited action.

‘Do Not...’ prohibition signs can apply to either objects (do not use) or actions (do not do). They are the sign equivalent of teacher's firm voice you remember from primary school, saying "Do not touch" or "Do not open". The range of 'do not do' signs from Fire Protection Online covers a multitude of prohibited business activities, to suit a wide variety of retail, manufacturing and office environments. (We certainly don't recall any teacher ever needing to say "No hot work"!)

All our 'Do no do' signs are manufactured to UK and EU standards right here in the UK, so each sign has a much lower carbon footprint than imported fire signs. Also, we can pass on substantial discounts to you, with up to 47% off any photoluminescent 'do not do' sign.
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