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Tapes and Markers

It's inevitable that in every business premises, there are hazards that need marking but may not need a specific sign.

High quality self adhesive photoluminescent tapes are just the job for marking low pipes, awkward corners, cracked pavements, or anything that might not be immediately noticeable.

All tapes come in a variety of widths from 4cm to 8cm and two lengths, 5m and 10 metres, ready to use in a variety of situations from office to factory floor.

The Jalite edge marker is ideal for both protection and quick identification of pillar edges. Ideal for car parks, factories or warehouses, these rugged aluminium photoluminescent strips can either be glued to screwed into pillars. Each kit contains 12 x 1.2 metre lengths.

And with 33% off retail prices, you'll have your safety tape requirements wrapped up.
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