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Launcher Fire Extinguishers

Our Launcher Fire Extinguishers are a real gamer-changer in the world of fire protection, and believe us, that doesn’t happen often. Utilising the latest technology, these extinguishers are the world’s first portable fire extinguisher which can also automatically activate when there’s a fire present and no-one around to do anything about it.

Using a unique discharge system which combines manual and automatic actuation, it firstly works as any ordinary fire extinguisher would. With a hose and lever handle, you just pick it up, aim and activate as you tackle a fire you’ve discovered or you fight your way to safety.

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  • What Is A Launcher Fire Extinguisher?

    How would you tackle a fire when no-one is around? The answer is nothing. But with the Launcher fire extinguisher, you have fire protection at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

    Fitted with two heat sensors on either side of the extinguisher head, these automatically trigger the fire extinguisher when temperatures reach 68°C. Depending on whether one or both of these sensors has activated, the extinguisher then releases through one of both sides of the fire extinguisher. This enables fires within the proximity of the extinguisher to be extinguished without intervention.

    These 24-hour fire extinguishers are also capable of taking on the task even when the fire gets too big. The firefighter is able to launch the unit towards the fire, which then enables the fire extinguisher to do its job by turning into a mini suppression system while you get yourself to safety.

    BSI Tested with UKCA approval and CE Marked, you know you can rely on a 24-Hour fire extinguisher to protect your property, with numerous sizes available to suit your requirements.

  • Are Launcher Fire Extinguishers Safe?

    Known as a multi-purpose extinguishant, powder fire extinguishers are capable of safely and effectively tackling fires involving Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas - but never put out a gas fire if the gas cannot then be turned off) and is safe around live electrical equipment.

    However, powder fire extinguishers are increasingly less recommended for indoor use. See the updated British Standard 5306-8:2012 Selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers – Code of Practice, which states:

    "5.4.3 Use of powder extinguishers - The discharge of a powder extinguisher within buildings can cause a sudden reduction of visibility and can also impair breathing, which could temporarily jeopardize escape, rescue or other emergency action. For this reason, powder extinguishers should generally not be specified for use indoors, unless mitigated by a health and safety risk assessment."

    As you may have already figured out yourself, if these activate when no-one is even on the premises, this no longer becomes a concern. So, if your premises is of high-risk of fire, especially during unoccupied periods, the 24-Hour powder fire extinguisher may be the ideal choice.

  • Our accreditation and guarantees

    All of Fire Protection Online's automatic fire extinguishers have been manufactured to the highest quality possible.

    All of our fire extinguishers come with:

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