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Door Closers

We all know that some people are not very good at shutting the door behind them, which is why door closers are essential. Not only is it vital that fire doors are kept shut at all times, but closers will also prevent a cold draught from sending chills down your spine.

Door closures will ensure the door automatically shuts properly once someone has passed through it (commonly installed on fire doors). That will then mean that should a fire break out in one part of the premises, smoke and fire will remain contained to that area (assuming you have a proper fire door with intumescent seals). That will reduce the loss of life and prevent extensive damage.

Many different types are available. Overhead door closures are perhaps the most familiar, but door closures are also available for sliding doors as well as ones which you can conceal in the door recess.

Although they may seem like an inconvenience at times, they do keep you safe. So make sure all your fire doors are fitted with door closures.

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