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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting provides light and guides people to safety if there is an electrical power outage.

Our range includes bulkheads, downlights and exit signs all with 3-hour battery back up giving you time to finish what you are doing or evacuate.

A common question we get asked is 'What is maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting?'

Maintained emergency lights are always on allowing you to have one set of lights for all eventualities, they use the mains in normal operation but switch to the battery back up if the power fails.

Non-maintained emergency lights will only come on when the power fails and are designed to guide you to safety and see where you are going.

With the new low energy LED lights costing not much more than standard halogen ones its worth spending that little bit more to save money in the future as the low energy ones cost less to run.

For more information or to ask about emergency lighting regulations please send us an email or give us a call.

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