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SafetyHub Mobile Stations

SafetyHub Mobile Stations

A brand new concept in mobile safety equipment, the SafetyHub mobile stations provide you with a unique and fully configurable safety point which you can tailor to suit your requirements on-site. With a robust construction, these can withstand the tough demands of any site for many years, and be moved around as your needs change.

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Weatherproof Trolley Cabinets

Whichever configuration of SafetyHub you require, it will come supplied with a lockable weatherproof cabinet as standard. With red, green and yellow colours available to easily-identify fire safety, first aid and spill kit equipment, these are plenty big enough and all feature an emergency access panel so even those without a key can get to the contents when needed.

The robust wheel assembly allows for easy relocation around the project as required, and the modular design allows for the whole unit to condense down into the wheeled cabinet for transportation and storage.

SafetyHub Design

Manufactured by Howler, the SafetyHub mobile stations are exceptionally rough and made of rotationally moulded, UV stabilized polyethylene. Ultra-durable and virtually indestructible, these will never dent, rust or corrode for a long and useful life, and when it’s time is finally up, it’s 100% recyclable too.

Many of these stations also include signage, which is also of a tough construction capable of withstanding harsh environments meaning they look good for longer so the message gets out reliably.

Perfect for use on construction sites, in factories, workshops, filling stations, on civil engineering projects, at events and in pretty well any other kind of busy environment you can think of, SafetyHub is equally at home indoors or outside and will be invaluable for ensuring the safety of everyone on site.