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Permanent Traffic Barriers

Our growing range of impact barriers and parking posts offer a variety of solutions which are suitable for warehouses, factories and car parks. They’re designed to improve workplace safety which will protect your employees and visitors, as well as shield your premises and equipment from potentially costly damage.

For example, the installation of parking posts is suitable for improving security on your premises, as well as ensuring only authorised parking is allowed. Whether you choose a parking post or barrier, these are easy to secure in a standing position to restrict access when the vehicle is being used but can then be lowered by those with a key so cars may park. Multiples can also be used when positioned close enough to restrict vehicle access to certain areas, with the ability to temporarily allow access.

Our impact barriers are perfect for use inside warehouses to protect racking, shelving, machinery and other important equipment. However, using multiple barriers is also a handy solution for enforcing safe walk routes to protect pedestrians from lorries, forklifts and other vehicles that are in use on your premises.

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  • Where Can Vehicle Barriers Be Installed?

    Depending on what you are trying to protect by installing safety barriers will decide what type of barrier you need, and where this should be installed. When you’re looking for warehouse barriers, chances are you’re trying to prevent injuries and damage caused by accidents by those operating vehicles and machinery.

    Where forklifts are regularly used in warehouses and factories, you’ll likely need to install impact alongside racking, shelving, and other equipment, as well as at corners and around support pillars. This means if the forklift operator is distracting, they won’t cause extensive and expensive damage as they will hit the forklift barrier first. Safety bollards can also be used to achieve the same result, and you’ll also want to consider this same equipment for loading bays where lorries are reversing.

  • How Can I Use Safety Barriers To Protect Pedestrians In My Workplace?

    In industrial and warehousing environments, vehicles and pedestrians will often use the same space. However, this increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. What you can do instead is enforce safe walking routes through these areas, and while floor marking tapes are a simple and effective solution, it doesn’t stop people from taking a shortcut. What you can do instead is install multiple safety barriers to separate pedestrian and vehicle areas as it stops people from deviating but will also offer protection to the pedestrian if an accident occurs.

  • How Should Car Park Barriers Be Installed?

    All our safety barriers are best installed on solid surfaces, such as concrete and tarmac. These barriers and bollards can have multiple uses in car park and garage forecourt environments. Where you want to simply mark out the boundary of your property, or discourage drivers from parking their cars too far beyond a point, low-level hoop perimeter barriers are ideal. With a bright yellow colour which is hard to miss, these will encourage users to park as you want them to but also withstand a low-speed impact so the wall behind doesn’t have to.

  • How Do Parking Posts Work?

    Whether you’re looking to reserve your own parking space at your apartment or office car park, or just looking for a solution to temporarily restrict or allow vehicle access, parking posts and parking barriers are ideal solutions. Supplied with keys, only those you authorise to do so will be able to raise and lower the parking post.

    When in a standing position, there’s no chance of someone sneaking their vehicle through – assuming the gap around the post also isn’t wide enough. When you want to park your vehicle in the space, you simply lower the parking bollard which then gives you plenty of clearance for your vehicle to drive over. It really is that easy.

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