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Generating reliable beams that cut through even the darkest conditions, Searchlights are a staple safety tool that offers a powerful beacon of light that can attract rescue services and attention even from far distances. No need to worry when working in the dark as our searchlights create safer working conditions.

Whether you're conducting night work or on a nighttime mission, searchlights eliminate the uncertainty of working in the dark, fostering safer conditions and bolstering confidence in every venture.

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  • How Far Can Searchlights Cast Beams?

    You can trust our high-quality torches to provide beams that stretch several metres ahead, enabling you to determine safe walkways, discover dangers, and alert others of your presence. Our Professional Rechargeable LED Searchlight, for example, emits the maximum distance-to-lumen ratio, boasting a beam of 1000 metres! You're guaranteed to create a luminous display with ease to promote safety and wellbeing.

  • How Do Searchlights Work?

    These devices operate using a switch or button that enables a reliable light source to sweep through darkness. No matter how thick the darkness falls, our range of searchlights pierces through to offer a reliable beam that helps to guide away from dangerous areas.

    The 3-In-1 Rechargeable LED Searchlight can also be mounted against a wall and offer a light source in the event of a blackout or powercut, automatically activating when electric supply is compromised and enabling you to navigate around your space without worry of accidents or falls.

  • How Many Lumens Are In Searchlights?

    Each of our devices offers between 100 - 1800 lumens, so you can select a source of light suitable for your specific needs.

    Stronger beams are useful for outdoor settings such as nighttime dog walking or working overnight in challenging conditions, and dim beams are useful for domestic uses.


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