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Head Torches

Adjustable to fit and easily transportable, our range of Head Torches provides illumination in various environments, helping to brighten dark areas and improve safety for users. Also known as headlamps, these devices fit snugly onto your head to provide an efficient source of light when jogging, walking, and exploring and are also compatible when wearing a helmet.

A great hands-free device, these compact safety accessories are suited for outdoor sports activities, DIY projects, exploring in the dark, and other ventures.

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  • How Do You Use a Head Torch?

    These user-friendly devices feature a button or switch that activates the light, and offers various light settings depending on your needs.

    Our range can last up between 2.5 hours and even beyond 100,000 hours, allowing you peace of mind of having a reliable source of light in any outdoor environment or anywhere you need it.

  • How Do You Adjust a Head Torch?

    Each torch features a strap or band that is fully adjustable to suit any size. Some torches are also compatible with safety helmets or headgear, allowing you to double-up your personal safety.

    The light can also be adjusted at different angles to improve visibility. Some torches also feature various light modes such low or high and spotlight or floodlight settings, allowing you to choose a preferred setting for your next venture.


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