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Spill Kits

Spill kits are essential in many workplaces, especially those who store and handle liquids in order to prevent contamination and to facilitate an easy and effective clean up. Our range includes spill kits of various sizes, from small packs designed for 20 litres of liquid, all the way up to 240-litre spill kits for large industrial environments. Plus, our range includes spill kits designed for numerous hazards, including oils, chemicals, solvents and water.

Whilst you may ensure that good working practices are carried out, there is always the possibility that spill or leak may happen. There is always the potential of accidents happening and you must, by law, ensure that you have adequate facilities to contain the liquid and protect the environment.

For the average mechanic, a small kit will prepare them for a rusty old car or when an oil can is knocked over. Our medium and larger spill kits are designed for where potentially large volumes of liquid present a risk and enable you to comply with EA/SEPA/NIEA guidelines (PPG26).

The difference between a minor incident and major disaster will depend on your choice of spill kit material and the speed of your response. As such, it’s important that you ensure staff have received adequate training and know where to find their nearest spill kit. You should consider having these located near identified hazards, with smaller kits also available to keep in a vehicle.

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