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Mains Powered Wireless Linked Alarms

Thanks to the reduced costs of wireless technology, creating a network of smoke alarms is now child's play. You can link alarms together, manage them through a central hub and even test all alarms with a single switch. Neat, eh!

The Slick smoke and heat alarms by Kidde Fyrnetics use wireless technology to create a chain of alarms that interact with each other, to provide a level of coverage previously only possible with hard wired systems.

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Mains-Powered Wireless Linked Smoke Alarms

The Kidde Slick Wireless range is generally ideal for HMO and rental properties, as well as new builds which often require a mains power supply for their linked alarms. These are quick and easy to install by an electrician into your existing lighting circuit.

Requiring the wireless bases in order to be remotely linked, you can also manage these through a central hub to silence and test all of the alarms from a single switch. The range includes an optical smoke alarm, ionisation smoke alarm, and heat alarms.

Whichever range of wirelessly linked alarms you choose, you may also want to consider products to test they’re operating correctly from time-to-time. Plus, every home should have at least one carbon monoxide (CO) alarm as a safeguard against the silent killer.

Start with a base…

The hub of the system is the Slick wireless base, a neat unit that simply wires into any lighting circuit or mains circuit, and connects up to 15 alarms wirelessly in a series. With a backup battery and a 10 year guarantee, this Slick alarm base will monitor all connected alarms without the need for any extra wires, cables, or trunking. It can also connect with any battery or hard-wired new style Slick alarm.

Build your wireless system…

The Kidde Slick wireless fire detection range includes standard smoke alarms and optical smoke alarms for living spaces, offices spaces, and other non-dusty or steamy locations. For kitchens and dusty areas, link in a heat alarm, for a system that covers the range of locations you need monitored.

And test with a single touch

Now this really is smart. The Kidde wireless remote test and hush unit connect wirelessly to just one alarm, but can test every alarm in the network. If you press the hush button, it will silence all but the original alarm that was activated, so you quickly locate the source of the alarm.

Best of all, the unit has a 10 year lithium battery sealed in, so it is tamper proof, and requires no external wiring into the main, So you can test all your linked alarms with a single press of a button, making fire alarm testing quicker, easier and with no step ladders involved.