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Firex Smoke Alarms

Firex smoke alarms are the new value for money range from Kidde, one of the most respected names in fire safety. The whole Firex range was completely redesigned inside and out in autumn 2012, so these alarms are technologically up to date, affordable, and look good too!

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Firex heat and smoke alarms by Kidde

At Fire Protection Online, we stock three types: hard wired, mains operated 230v alarms; a standard ionisation smoke alarm, the optical smoke alarm and a heat alarm, all with integrated backup battery in case of power failure. All Firex alarms are interconnectable with up to 23 Kidde Slick alarms or other Firex alarms, so you can easily create a network through your business premises.

Standard ionisation alarms should be used in areas where there is a lot of combustible materials, such as offices, paper stores, living rooms, etc. Optical alarms are used to monitor the same sort of fires, but are less prone to false alarms and the Firex model is one of the most popular in the UK.

Heat alarms should be used in or near dusty, steamy or smoky environments, where a standard alarm would be triggered. You'll find heat alarms in new build home kitchens, and it's a good idea to retrofit them into older kitchens for peace of mind. Heat alarms don't care if you burn the toast or singe the steak; they only activate when the heat in the room rises above a certain threshold, indicating a fire rather than a bad cook!


Why buy a long life alarm from Firex

All Firex alarms we sell are hard-wired, so they work perfectly when the electricity supply is on. However, in the event of a power failure, or if the power needs to be cut in an emergency, the Firex alarms continue to operate, powered by a backup battery. All Firex alarm units have a backup battery; the difference is just how long it lasts.

The standard alarms feature a backup battery that will last for 12 months, and then should be replaced. The long life range of alarms are fitted with a lithium backup battery for the lifetime of the unit (6 years), so you can fix and forget until the unit bleeps to let you know to replace it.