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Carbon Monoxide Detector

What to do if a carbon monoxide alarm goes off?

If a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm goes off take action fast. You cannot smell the gas so never assume it's a faulty alarm as death comes fast. Immediately turn off all gas supplies and open all windows and doors to ventilate. Get everyone out of the house and call an emergency gas engineer, day or night. An intermittent chirping means the battery needs replacing.

Carbon monoxide gas is a silent killer; you cannot smell it, taste it or see it. So, thank goodness for the carbon monoxide detector, an essential piece of fire safety equipment for every home, office or workplace with a gas appliance. Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?

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How is Carbon Monoxide Produced?

Carbon monoxide is produced by faulty gas appliances, and is potentially fatal in even quite low concentrations in the air. With just 100ppm (parts per million) present, you can suffer from flu-like symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, dizziness and nausea.

How Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work

Carbon monoxide detectors are extremely sensitive pieces of safety equipment at remarkably low prices. Operating in a similar way to smoke alarms, CO detectors alert you to a rise in the levels of CO gas with a loud warning signal, giving you plenty of time to open windows and evacuate the area.

Choose a straightforward carbon monoxide detector with audio alarm, or the super smart Kidde Premium carbon monoxide detector. This clever, portable unit displays the current CO levels on a digital display and has a peak level memory for when you are away from your home.

Two Jobs for the Price of One: Combined Smoke Alarm and CO Detectors

For complete peace of mind, a Kidde combined smoke alarm and CO detector is an excellent investment for your home, especially on the floors where people sleep.

Unlike ordinary detectors, the Kidde combined alarm has a voice alert that informs you if it is a fire or a CO problem - brilliant! This battery-operated alarm is one of our favourite safety products here at Fire Protection Online and one of our best sellers too.

Protect Your Family: CO Detection in Holiday Accommodation Abroad

Recent incidents regarding the safety of gas appliances in holiday accommodation abroad have highlighted the difference in safety standards across the EU. So, protect you and your family both at home and abroad with the a carbon monoxide alarm.

You can take it with you to your holiday accommodation, or leave it at home, where it will remember the peak level of CO detected, in case a problem arises while you are away. Remember, a carbon monoxide detector could save your life.

CO detectors and fire flues

Does your home or business premises have a hidden flue? If so, as per a change of legislation on 1 January 1 2011, you either have to build an inspection hatch or install a CO detector. Figures suggest that there may be over 200,000 flues that have become hidden by renovations, building alterations etc, so it's worth checking if you have an older home or premises.