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Battery Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm with a dead battery is worse than useless, as it can lull you into a false sense of security. All the battery operated smoke alarms at Fire Protection Online have low battery indicators, so you can see (and hear) when the battery is running low.

Micro Size, Maximum Protection

Our basic Micro smoke alarm may be just 4" across, but it has a 3 year warranty and is manufactured by Kidde under the Fire Sentry brand. Our standard size Kidde battery smoke alarm has a five year guarantee, test button and an all-important hush button for accidental triggers in the night.

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Long Life Smoke Alarms: 10 Years of Hassle-Free Protection

If replacing batteries is right up there with pulling teeth on your enjoyment list, opt for a smoke alarm with a ten year life lithium battery. Our sealed long life smoke alarm will not only work for ten years without the need for mains wiring or replacement batteries, but will also alert you when the unit is reaching the end of its useful life.

Sealed Smoke Alarms: Leave the Batteries Alone

Quite why people want to remove batteries from smoke alarms is beyond us, but any landlord or holiday letting owner will tell you, this does happen. Our Kidde 10-year sealed smoke alarm contains a long-life 10 year lithium battery that cannot be removed, so the unit will protect right up until it reaches the end of its useful life.

Sealed Optical Smoke Alarms: Small but Smart

The First Alert sealed optical smoke alarm is the smallest we've seen, but with a 10 year non-removable battery and a big hush button, it does the job really well. Use an optical smoke detector for areas with lots of combustible materials, such as bedrooms and living rooms, but not anywhere that might get steamy, dusty or smoky, such as near a kitchen or in a garage. In these locations, use a heat alarm instead - our First Alert model is one of the few battery operated heat alarms available.

Lighting Your Path To Safety

Smoke alarms will alert you to fire danger at any time of day or night, and our great value integrated smoke alarm and escape light offers you the additional benefit of being able to see your way to safety even if the power fails.