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Spring Safety Wear

Spring Safety Wear

The days are getting longer and the temperature is slightly warmer, but a heavy downpour is never too far away, so prepare for all eventualities with our range of spring safety wear. Personal protective equipment for this time of year needs to change with the changeable condition, whilst still keeping you safe and ensuring you remain visible at all times.

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  • Hi-Vis Clothing

    When a dark cloud comes over and the heavens open, you need reflective clothing which will ensure you’re seen. However, it also needs to double and perform other duties too. While it may be too hot for a heavy duty jacket and too cold for a t-shirt still, our range of sweatshirts, hoodies and bodywarmers all feature compliant reflective strips and are available in yellow and orange.

    Many of our garments are also made from UPF rated fabric which blocks a majority of UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn through clothing when out in the sun for long periods of time.

  • Changeable Spring Weather

    It’s hard to always have the right clothing. On those hot, clear days you need clothing which will keep you cool and reduce sun glare. Many of our hard hats are vented to provide a cooling flow of air and feature peaks which keep the sun out of your eyes, while many of our safety glasses have smoke lenses to reduce glare.

    Of course, there are days when it will absolutely pour it down, or you’ll find yourself freezing. Our range of safety footwear will keep your feet dry, offer supreme grip, and protect you from the hazards of a site. Plus, we have gloves which will keep the feeling in your fingers and jackets which prevent you from looking like a drowned rat after an infamous April shower.