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Fall Protection

Fall protection is put in place to prevent the risks associated with falling from heights, reducing impact force, restricting obstacles/ground collisions and restricting users from fall hazard areas. Typically implemented when working at height, fall protection equipment is also used when working near an edge or a steep surface.

Before using fall protection, you must consider all reasonable alternatives for the work not to be performed at height, if practically possible, as this is always the preferred method. If the work must be performed at height, then deploy the appropriate preventive measures and work restraint systems.

In circumstances where the risk of falling cannot be prevented, then consider the use of netting or other soft landing equipment together with a suitably developed work position. These may be the use of scissor lifts, cherry-pickers and scaffolding, along with fall arrest systems using the appropriate fall protection equipment for the job.

There are also numerous European Standards which our safety harnesses and other fall protection equipment comply with. Ensure you know which standards you need to comply with before selecting your equipment

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