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Face Shields

Providing full face protection against particles from your forehead to your chin, face shields also allow you to wear prescription glasses as usual so you can see the task at hand, with disposable face shields and reusable face shields available. Providing crystal clear vision without compromise.
Our medical face shields are designed for medical staff to wear, or those carrying out procedures, alongside other PPE such as face masks and eyewear. These will protect the face and eyes from splashing or spraying on infectious or hazardous substances. These have also been a popular choice where face coverings are to be worn as they're comfortable to wear for long periods and solve the issue of steamed up spectacles.
Our reusable face shields also provide some impact protection for your face too, with some even protecting against chemical liquids, molten metals and hot solids. Designed to be worn with safety helmets, ear defenders, respirators and other personal protection, the face shields and face visors are adjustable so they are comfortable for all face shapes and sizes to wear, all day long.
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