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Warehouse Steps

Fixed position warehouse steps are available in a range of sizes, suitable for tiny archiving environments to large-scale warehouses and industrial units, as well as everything in between. Enabling users to safely reach heights of up to 5 metres, they’re easy to move around as and where you require them, but also remain sturdy when climbing up the steps, without compromise. Best of all, they can be used by a single operator meaning more efficient use of your workforce.

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Suitable for construction, retail, commercial, office, warehouse and even military applications, while some options have a choice of colours, others have a choice of treads so you can find the option to better suit your premises. Plus, they feature a large platform step with guardrails meaning anyone can work safely on the top step with confidence and in comfort.

With a choice of sizes available in every product, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs, and there are even solutions for those with narrow aisles. In fact, for those situations where objects are just out of reach, the kick step is a highly portable solution that just gives you that extra height so you don’t overstretch.