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Gas Fire System Signs

If your premises are protected by a gas fire extinguishing system, you'll need the right gas fire system signs to inform your workers and visitors of the risks.

Many staff members may not be familiar with today's high-tech extinguishing systems. They may not appreciate that they will need to evacuate as much from the gas as the fire, and that oxygen levels may be low in affected areas.

These clear, concise gas fire systems safety signs spell it out clearly; don't enter the area, evacuate as soon as possible, and don't re-enter until the gas is completely gone.

Fire Protection Online stock a wide range of gas fire safety system signs for most forms of fire suppression systems, both deluge and gaseous, including:

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  • Argon IG 01 Extinguishing Systems

  • Any Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System

  • FE 13, PE 25 and FE 36 Extinguishing Systems

  • Halon 1301 systems

  • Inergen Extinguishing Systems

  • Novec 1230 Fluid Extinguishing system

  • Water mist extinguishing systems

Your fire safety signs will help save lives, so buy them here today and save money too!