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More Fire Action Signs

In the event of a fire in your business premises, it is crucial that everyone knows what to do next, and that's where fire action signs become worth their weight in gold.

Whether they are trained staff or casual visitor, in the event of an emergency, everyone on your premises can be clearly reminded of their next move, gaining valuable seconds in the evacuation of the building over spoken instructions.

Your fire action signs from Fire Protection Online combine just the right amount of information in the most direct and legible form. Combining text and pictograms, these UK-made signs comply with UK and EC guidelines, and are photoluminescent for glow-in-the-dark visibility.

These tough, wipe-clean, long-lasting rigid plastic fire action signs are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit all requirements of a thriving business, including advice for special needs personnel and fire wardens.

Your next fire action must be to snap up these vital fire safety signs with massive discounts.

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