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Fire Safes

What is the best fireproof safe for home use?

Along with fire damage, it is best to also cover against water (leaks, flood and fire brigade hoses), too. Passports, insurance documents, birth certificates, etc can be safe in a small A5 or A4 sized box. For more, a filing box is popular and still small enough for home. Film and digital media is best stored online.

Deep in your sub-conscious, you know you need one so, choose from a traditional upright fire safe design for papers and valuables, or a move-anywhere fire chest for valuable computer media, from optical drives to USB sticks. Or compact fireproof boxes that are ideal for any size of office. Which ever one it is, you need a fire safe.

If you have a fire at your business premises or in your home, it's most likely that the water used to put out the flames will cause the most damage to your most precious documents. So, most of our range of fire safes and fire chests are not only fireproof but also waterproof, to protect precious paperwork and media for longer.

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Digital Fire Safes

Our range of fire and flood storage chests now feature a digital keypad meaning the contents are secure but no longer require a key to be opened, simply requiring a 4 to 6 digit code of your choosing. There no longer a need to search around for a key, and allows all authorised persons to open the same chest with ease.

Unfortunately, the popular First Alert fire proof safes are no longer available in Europe, however, our Master Lock range are far superior and feature a lifetime replacement guarantee if they're ever involved in a fire. Also, our fire safe envelope is more convenient and perfect for keeping small items and documents safe in the event of fire.

Lockable Fire Chests

For traditional paper files, choose one of our Master Lock fireproof boxes as they're also designed to hold both A4 files AND selected media or devices such as USB storage, phones and other electrical devices. The fire and water resistant media chest will actually float in a flood, preventing them and their contents from being submerged.