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Antique Copper Extinguishers

Having Antique Copper Extinguishers in your business means your staff, customers and visitors remain safe without having eyesores ruining your stylish design. With a rustic feel, they’ll be right at home in any modern bar, restaurant or venue.

Their good looks are the result of an antique brushed finish created by hand, and the stainless steel body means it is far less likely to corrode. Not only does this mean it is longer-lasting, but that it will survive the harsh environments of marine areas and swimming pools. The only exception being the CO2 extinguishers which are made from a lightweight aluminium.

The Antique Copper Extinguishers are exactly the same inside as the red ones. So although they cannot carry the British Kitemark because they’re not red, you know they’re still made to the same high standard. With different types available, you’ll find the right ones for your premises.

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