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Micro Automatic Extinguishers

Our range of micro automatic fire extinguishers is small enough for installation inside electrical equipment, putting out a fire safely and effectively before serious damage is caused. With more than 30% of all reported fires being caused by electrical devices, with one of these installed, it would fill the container with a clean agent gas to ensure there’s no water damage when tackling a fire in those initial first few moments.

Available in a range of different sizes, from 100g to 500g, these automatic miniature fire extinguishers are a small investment to prevent huge damage with an even bigger price tag. We also have options available which are suitable for installing within the equipment, or externally with a nozzle which goes within the cabinet.

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  • Where Are Mini Automatic Extinguishers Installed?

    Supplied with a mounting bracket, these are easy and quick to install, maintenance-free and designed for various applications, from homes, offices, factories, automotive, marine, telecoms and computing industries. These are commonly installed within computers, televisions, and washing machines, as well as electrical panels and distribution boards.

    Electronics are increasingly being sold with these installed, although our mini automatic fire extinguishers are suitable for retrofitting too. When a spark causes a fire, this will suppress the fire as it starts, preventing a fire from escalating in seriousness.

  • How Do Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishers Work?

    Working just like an ordinary automatic fire extinguisher, these miniature versions activate when rising temperatures cause the pressure inside the glass bulb to increase. The very second the temperature reaches combustion levels, the bulb breaks, activating the system so the extinguishing agent is instantly released.

    Filled with Fluoroketone (FK-5-1-12), it’s a clean agent solution which