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Economy Extinguisher Stands

Economy Fire Extinguisher Stands from Fire Protection Online

If you think that fire safety accessories sometimes seem more expensive than the fire safety equipment itself, then our range of economy extinguisher stands will prove you wrong!

Our sturdy, robust fire extinguisher stand range are made from fully recyclable plastic, for an eco-friendly stand that won't let your extinguishers down.

Just place these stands against a wall to keep your fire extinguishers visible at all times, and safe from knocks, bumps, vacuum cleaners, chair wheels and carpet cleaning machinery. The top section is left blank for you to add the extinguisher sign of your choice, while the tiered base holds any standard extinguisher firm and stable.

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  • Red Fire Extinguisher Stands

    Choose either the single or double stand for conventional red-bodied extinguishers, for an efficient and effective storage area for extinguisher that's also easily accessible. No wall mounting required, so these high visibility stands are ideal for offices with cavity walls or old buildings.

  • Grey Extinguisher Stands

    Designed to compliment your chrome finish fire extinguishers, these smart stands will preserve that shiny finish longer, and protect the fire extinguisher bases from scratching or corrosion on dirty or gritty floors. The top of the stand has space for suitable fire extinguisher identification signs, and the three-tier system in the stand allows you to place a foam or water extinguisher side by side with a CO2 extinguisher without the danger of the CO2 cylinder toppling.

  • Other Fire Extinguisher Stands

    Take a look at our premier range of extinguisher stands including those curvy metal tubular stands for chrome extinguishers that are almost works of art...