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Kidde Smoke Alarms

Keep your premises protected with a Kidde smoke detector that is CE Marked as standard. Our Kidde and Firex heat and smoke range includes wireless and mains-powered alarms that are reliable and long-lasting with a 6 or 10-year warranty, depending on the model.

Kidde wireless options provide a sleek appearance with a quick and easy setup and no additional installation costs. You can install them yourself without the requirement for an electrician in accordance with BS7671. With mains powered smoke alarms, you have a consistent run of electricity running the device, with the reassurance of a backup battery.

Heat detectors can be a great safety option for rooms that often fill with smoke or steam – such as kitchens – to prevent false alarms.

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  • Kidde - a name you can trust

    Kidde have been making fires safety products since 1917, and are market leaders in home fire safety products such as smoke alarms, extinguishers, fire blankets and CO detectors. Their smoke alarms are good value for money, well made and at the cutting edge of technology, thanks to Kidde buying out a leading manufacturer back in the 1990s.

    Our range of Kidde smoke alarms represent the best in smoke detection design, and are ready to use straight out of the box.

    The 'basic' battery smoke alarm is actually anything but, a sophisticated smoke alarm in a neat shape and a very budget friendly price. The micro smoke alarm is small, inconspicuous, but when needed, plenty noisy enough to rouse a sleeping household. If you're concerned that at night you won't be able to easily see your way to safety, choose the Kidde smoke alarm with integrated escape light. The 10 year sealed smoke alarm is a tamper-proof solution for holiday lets, rented accommodation, or if you just hate changing alarm batteries!

  • Firex smoke and heat alarms by Kidde

    The Firex brand is Kidde's value for money range of standard ionisation and optical smoke alarms, completely refreshed and redesigned in autumn 2012. So, the Firex brand is not only great value, but bang up to date too! We stock a hard wired, mains operated 230v standard smoke alarm, optical smoke alarm and heat alarm, all of which are exceptionally well made units with integrated backup battery in case of power failure. The Firex alarms we sell are interconnectable with other Firex or the newer range of Kidde Slick alarms.

    The Firex long life range of alarms are fitted with a 6 year lithium backup battery that last the lifetime of the unit, while the standard range comes with a backup battery that needs replacing every 12 months.

  • Kidde Slick wireless alarms

    The Kidde Slick range of wireless alarms can link together to form a connected network of smoke and heat alarms without the need for expensive wiring, unsightly trunking or complex fitting. Just install the wireless base, link up the other alarms, and you're in business. The Kidde wireless remote test and hush unit does exactly that, for one-touch testing or silencing of all but the original activated alarm, for easy location. We love the Kidde Slick range because it's easy to use, easy to install and a great use of wireless technology that potentially save lives. Enough said.

  • How to test a Kidde smoke alarm

    If you have a battery-operated Kidde smoke alarm, you should see a green light that flickers every 30-45 se