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Smoke Detector Testers

You may regularly wipe, blow and vacuum your detectors, and they may look clean. But you may still find that despite your best efforts, there can still be dirt or dust inside the unit.

And if there are contaminants, this can result in false alarms and delays in activating the alarm. Or worse, not working at all. So using our cleaner will ensure you’ve done everything possible to keep them working.

You will also want to check that your detectors are functioning correctly. But please don’t try and do this by holding a flame under the detector, as this in itself can be a fire hazard.

Luckily, testers exist to allow you check they’re in good working condition, safely.

With smoke detectors, you can deliver synthetic smoke to the chamber to check its operations.

Or with a CO detector, you can use an aerosol to deliver a controlled amount of carbon monoxide to the sensor, without causing yourself harm.

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