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Fire Alarm Batteries

All fire alarm systems require fire alarm batteries as a backup. This is to ensure the alarm system remains functional in the case of a power outage. 

We have a wide range of Yuasa 12-volt backup batteries to suit a variety of different fire alarm systems. Yuasa is renowned for its reliable and long-lasting battery technology. Their low-maintenance batteries are amongst the safest on the market. Thanks to the unique electrolyte suspension system, they are leak-proof, can be used in any orientation and gases won't build up. 

Our Yuasa fire alarm batteries are rated 5-star by our customers. Wit bestsellers include the NP2.1-12NP3.2-12 and NP7-12. Shop our fire alarm battery selection below and enjoy the lowest prices on the market. We even offer a hassle-free 100-day returns policy for added peace of mind. 

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