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STI Vandalism and Theft Stoppers

Protect your investment in fire safety equipment with our range of STI stopper anti-theft and anti-vandalism products, from loud alarms to small ones. There is a STI Stopper fire safety alarm for every situation.

Prevent Fire Extinguisher Removal and Theft

Fire extinguishers should remain visible and accessible at all times, but they can often be moved by accident or design, and therefore not be accessible when needed most. Fit an Extinguisher Stopper Alarm to prevent your fire extinguishers being removed, either to prop open a door - or to leave your premises forever.

No member of staff can claim they didn't see the Extinguisher Stopper Alarm, as these bright red alarm boxes fix just above your fire extinguisher stand or hanging bracket. Fix the alarm to the wall, and simply secure the cable around the neck of the fire extinguisher. If the extinguisher is moved, the cable pulls from the alarm, which then lets rip with 95db of alarm noise. So, in the event of a real emergency you can still use the extinguisher, and reset the alarm later, but if the removal is unnecessary or unauthorized, you and your security staff will certainly know all about it.

If the full-size alarm is just a little too obvious for your decor, try the mini theft stopper alarm - just as loud, only smaller. It's also perfect for securing cabinets as it comes with a magnetic reed switch as well, and can be used with all sorts of objects.

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