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Manual Call Points

Fire detectors are great for discovering and alerting everyone as quickly as possible. However, sometimes you or someone else can stumble upon a fire first. And when that happens, you will want to raise the alarm as quickly as possible.

In such instances, the call point provides the ideal solution. By placing these throughout the building, it means no-one will have to travel far in order to sound the alarm. Which is great when not everyone knows where the main control panel is location, let alone how to use it.

Call points are simple to operate, which means anyone can raise the alarm swiftly. Plus they are the standard red colour which is often associated with fire equipment, making them easy to spot and immediately recognisable.

Make sure to not place objects in front of them, otherwise people will not be able to find them. You could also locate firefighting equipment nearby, meaning people only have to travel to one location for everything they might need.

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