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Fire Alarm Cable and Fittings

If you’re looking for fire alarm cables which are easy to fit, our cable range is easy and quick to install a terminal on the end of the cable for fitting onto detectors, call points, sounders, and beacons. This is because they are free of annoying sheaths, wraps or foils which would otherwise need removing. Plus, all fire-rated cables meet the British Standards and are weather, moisture and fire resistant.

Our fire alarm cables are available in red or white with 2-Core and 4-Core options and are supplied on a strong plastic reel to make it easier to store and use. The cables are also flexible, which means they stay where you put them when laying the cable.

Of course, you need to permanently fix the cabling down using appropriating fittings. This need to ensure you’re compliant to the regulations and are securely held in position even during a fire to ensure escape and firefighter access are not hindered.

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