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Fire Alarm Systems

We stock a wide range of fire alarm products to make your system complete, from panels and detectors to batteries and clips. Everything you’ll need to create a fire alarm system which you can depend upon in an emergency.

Fire Alarm Panels

Every element of your system will feed back to the control panel. It’s where detectors and call points send a signal when they are activated. And then from there, the a signal is sent to sounders, bells and beacons to raise the alarm,

They are easy and intuitive to use. However, the control panel you pick will depend on how many zones you are intending on having in your system.

They also have a facility to store and charge batteries. It is these batteries which will then continue to power your fire alarm system during a power failure.

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Detectors And Call Points

Just like your normal battery smoke alarms, there are different sensors. These are to make them suitable for a variety of different environments and to recognise different sorts of fire.

Smoke detectors either use optical or ionisation sensors to keep on the lookout for a fire. Whereas a heat detector uses thermistors to monitor the temperature and how quickly it increases.

Call points are a method of raising the alarm manually because sometimes someone will stumble upon a fire before a detector has picked up the threat. Quick action is imperative, so call points offer an easy-to-use solution for raising the alarm.

You can ensure they’re all in tip-top, working condition by using the testers and cleaner kits.

Bells, Sounders And Beacons

Auditory warnings are often enough to raise the alarm in most situations. The sound is generally loud and recognisable, which will then trigger everyone to act accordingly. It’s a good idea to perform a fire drill from time-to-time so people become familiar with the sound and know what they should do.

Beacons are a good method of raising the alarm in environments with a high level of noise. And as such, these are ideal for industrial settings where machinery is loud and people wear ear protection. They are also good for raising the alarm with the hearing impaired.

Cables and Fixings

In order for the system to work, you will need some way of connecting it all together. But you cannot just use any cable you have laying around. Instead, it needs to be fire rated so that it remains resistant to fire for long enough to warn everyone. Fixings will then ensure it stays in place and helps to prevent it from becoming damaged.