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Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, Signs & Safety Equipment

Intumescent Fire Stopping
A collection of fire door seals, grilles, pipes, ducting, mastics and foams designed to insulate buildings and block fires.

Fire Extinguishers
From CO2, to water, powder or foam fire extinguishers, each type and size has a place, depending on the nature of the fire.

Fire Safety Signs
A collection of safety signs including fire exit signs, extinguisher ID signs, fire door signs, disability signs and more.

Budget Fire Extinguishers
Budget fire extinguishers made on behalf of Thomas Glover, a UTC company and sister company to Chubb Fire, amongst others offer high standard, cheaper alternatives.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Nationwide fire extinguisher servicing, installation, safety surveys, certified extinguisher disposal and more at an uncompromised standard.

Fire Alarm Systems
Ensure your fire alarm system is complete with these detectors, call points, bells, alarm panels and more.

Fire Exit Security
Ensure your fire exit is secure and accessible with life hammers, break glass key boxes, door closers and push bars and bolts.

Smoke Alarms
Ensuring the safety of your home or workplace is alerted immediately, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are a necessity.

Fire Blankets
When tackling a small fire, fire blankets are a quick, easy and effective way of ensuring fires kept under control.

Personal Protective Equipment
Hard hats, hi-vis jackets, boots, ear defenders, goggles, respirators and masks ensure the safety of those that find themselves within close proximity of fires.

Fire Extinguisher Stands
Store your fire extinguishers safely and securely with the collection of stands, available in a broad range of styles and colours.

Fire Safety Equipment
With 12-hour safety light sticks, fire log books, fire document cabinets and more, ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

Fire Brigade Equipment
Equipment for the fire brigade ensures they can carry out their jobs with ease and safety.

Fire Wardens
Equip your fire wardens with the appropriate safety gear to carry out their job safely, with log books, hi-vis jackets, head-torches, emergency whistles and more.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon Monoxide alarms (CO alarms) are designed for residential use and available in mains and battery power options to keep you and your family safe.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Safely store your fire extinguisher within these boxes. Ranging from wall mounted single cabinets to fire hose cabinets, ensure your equipment is stored safely.

Fire Extinguisher Accessories
Once you’ve invested time in money on finding the right fire safety solutions for your business, don’t fall behind with the final fire accessories for additional safety.

Fire Buckets
The simplest of the fire protection equipment but sometimes all you’ll need.

Standalone Fire Alarms
If you don’t have the budget for multiple fire alarms or you don’t need it due to the size of your premises, there are some standalone fire alarms for you.

Fire Safes
Ensure important documents remain unscathed from fire damage with fire safe envelopes, fire proof chests and more.

Fire Rated Panels and Boxes
Thanks to their intumescent seals and toughened construction, these fire-rated meter boxes can contain fires.

Fire Escape Ladder
Choose from the portable fire escape ladders, harnesses and ladder accessories, available in a variety of lengths.

Dry Riser Equipment
Dry risers provide the fire brigade with an ongoing source of water. They also ensure water can rapidly reach other areas of a building.

First Aid Kits
Keep your safety and the safety of your staff at the forefront with this range of first aid kits, providing you with both low to high end examples.

Door Closers
Designed to close fire doors once they are opened, door closers help limit fires from spreading throughout a building.

Wall Fixing Brackets
No fire extinguisher can hang on the wall on it’s own. Keep it stable and secure with wall fixing brackets.

STI Vandalism and Theft Stoppers
Keep fire extinguisher and fire alarm vandalism and theft at bay with the range of STI protectors.

Fire Hose Reels & Spares
Ensure a steady flow of water when combating a fire with the fire hose reels, cabinets, hose guides, tubing and more.

Push Bars and Bolts
Designed to aid people when exiting a building during a fire, push bars and panic bolts are the ideal safety solution.

Ensure you can gather all member of your company from far and wide with our range of megaphones.

From plug and chains to rubber washers to hydrant key and bars, our standpipe collections ensure fire fighters can attach their hoses with ease and speed when fires arise.

Fire Door Holders
Avoid wedging doors open with fire door holders, also ensuring the door is kept open for easy access and ventilation. Similarly, it can also remain shut in the event of a fire.

Extinguisher Trolleys
Move your fire extinguishers with ease with these fire extinguisher trolleys.

Construction Site Safety
Keep your construction sites safety at the core with headtorches, emergency whistles and reusable masks and more.

Get your lifehammers at the ready when an emergency occurs. Escape from busses, cars and trucks with this range.

Fire Safety Bundle Deals
For quick and easy choices for your fire safety needs, our safety bundle deals allow you to purchase the bestsellers in one go.

Emergency Lighting
Ensure your emergency lighting is up to scratch with our exit signs, hanging exit lights and LED strip lights.

Fire Safety Servicing
Emergency light servicing and fire alarm servicing are essential in keeping safety essentials up to date.

Be prepared for when a heart attack strikes and equip your building with defibrillators to ensure the safety of those around you.

Traffic Control
From traffic cones, to flash hazard cone lamps to temporary barriers, this heavy-duty equipment will enable you to control traffic in the case of an emergency.

Evacuation Chairs
Evacuation chairs allow those with mobility issues, disabilities, the injured or the elderly to be evacuated safely and with ease.

Cigarette Bins
Keep litter in its rightful place and ensure fires don’t start from rubbish that hasn’t been safely disposed of by using cigarette bins.

Smoke Ventilation
Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) systems are used for smoke ventilation to ensure emergency exit routes are clear for those trying to escape from a fire.

Traffic Mirrors
Placing traffic mirrors in prime positions allow you to see what’s going on without needing to monitor or move surveillance cameras.

Fire Training & Risk Assessment
Risk assessments are vital, regardless of the industry you’re operating in, whether that is a pub a shop to an office or hotel, it’s important to ensure safety is adhered to.

Fire Risk Assessments and Training
Ensure your staff are fire trained and fire marshals can carry out risk assessments to protect your employees.

Flammable Liquid Storage
Flammable liquid cabinets and dips tanks allow for hazardous materials to be stored safely without the risk of causing a fire.

Corner Guards
Whether it’s to protect your building or vehicles, safeguard the space with colourful corner guards to reduce the risk of accidents.

Anti-Fatigue & Safety Mats
Prevent accidents from occurring and help aches and pains in the workplace with our range of specialist mats.

Home Safety
Equip your home with home safety solutions, from kitchen fire blankets, to smoke alarms, to fire extinguisher spray to protect your family when a fire strikes.

Damaged Packaging
When our packaging is damaged, we’re able to offer discounts on our stock. Why not get some of our bestsellers at discounted prices?

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  • "If you want the highest quality fire extinguishers, make sure they have BAFE, BSi and CE approvals"
  • "Your business must conduct a fire risk assessment and fit high quality fire safety equipment"
  • "Fire protection is not just for work, don't forget your smoke detectors and fire blanket"
Your Insurer will approve of our fire safety equipment as it is all fully approved

Fire safety solutions

Fire Extinguisher: Every type and size and approval you could ever need for your business or home
Fire Alarms: Remarkably low priced alternatives to a conventional fire alarm system
Fire Safety Signs: You need them for the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Ours glow in the dark

Yes, it's true! Our fire fighting equipment is all manufactured by established, fire industry names. Whether it be a powder extinguisher, a CO2 fire extinguisher, or a first aid kit for new premises. And, it is all in stock for next day delivery.

Our fire safety equipment

When it comes to the safety for you, your family and your staff, quality is uppermost. BAFE approved products are essential but so is the manufacturer. You need to think carefully before you buy fire safety equipment online. Ask cheap suppliers if their products are made in the Middle East or in China (if they will tell the truth!), then think how long it is likely to last before your extinguisher maintenance engineer says it needs replacing.

Then ask the same fire extinguisher suppliers if they are related to a maintenance company and ask how much their other company sells the same equipment for (you may get a shock!). Next, ask why they don't offer the online prices to all their customers. Then ask where their written details are for delivery costs and time, low price guarantee or for a satisfaction guarantee or return instructions.

Why choose Fire Protection Online?

That's the difference. Fire Protection Online is the one and only specialist online supplier. You will find only one single price that is the same for everyone be you a government department, blue-chip company or home owner. You will see full written details of delivery details plus low price and satisfaction guarantees on every page of the web site. Our suppliers include Thomas Glover & Company (Chubb Fire's sister company), Kidde smoke alarms, Jalite signs, Jonesco cabinets and Steroplast first aid.

And, finally, the freephone 0800 321 3145 number is answered quickly 7 days a week, and you will get expert advice when you need it. Come and shop with us today.
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