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Panic bolt tube
Panic bolt tube
RRP: £4.15
but you save 55%
OUR PRICE: £1.86
(£2.23 inc. vat)
(79 reviews)  
Redlam panic bolt
Redlam panic bolt
RRP: £44.71
but you save 44%
OUR PRICE: £24.93
(£29.92 inc. vat)
(41 reviews)  
Break glass key box
Break glass key box
RRP: £13.51
but you save 42%
OUR PRICE: £7.83
(£9.40 inc. vat)
(25 reviews)  
40mm Looped Padlock
40mm Looped Padlock
RRP: £10.25
but you save 27%
OUR PRICE: £7.49
(£8.99 inc. vat)
(11 reviews)  
Hammer and chain
Hammer and chain
RRP: £8.31
but you save 36%
OUR PRICE: £5.35
(£6.42 inc. vat)
(19 reviews)  
Fire Exit Door Seal 10 Pack
Fire Exit Door Seal 10 Pack
RRP: £4.67
but you save 7%
OUR PRICE: £4.34
(£5.21 inc. vat)
(3 reviews)  
Spare keybox glass
Spare keybox glass
RRP: £2.60
but you save 54%
OUR PRICE: £1.20
(£1.44 inc. vat)
(3 reviews)  
Firefighters Battle Axe
Firefighters Battle Axe
RRP: £67.17
but you save 10%
OUR PRICE: £60.62
(£72.74 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Smart+Shield Exit Alarm
Smart+Shield Exit Alarm
RRP: £124.99
but you save 7%
OUR PRICE: £115.99
(£139.19 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Smart+Shield for Push Bars
Smart+Shield for Push Bars
RRP: £179.99
but you save 8%
OUR PRICE: £164.99
(£197.99 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  

Fire Exit Security

Redlam Panic Bolts: Forget Glass, Think Ceramtubes

When you need to get out in a hurry, the last thing you want to worry about is broken glass from panic bolts. Most conventional panic bolts allow your staff to break a glass tube with a hammer, withdraw the bolt securing the door and make their escape. However, they will then be crunching their way across glass as they do so, a hazard especially in low lighting levels.

The Redlam panic bolt with Ceramtube allows safe exit via panic bolt systems, as when it breaks, no glass is involved. The Ceramtube is ideal for all areas including kitchens and fits all break glass tube exit systems. With our aluminium Redlam panic bolts, and you'll offer instant exit provision with safety, all in one neat unit.

When planning fire safety in the workplace, you can't afford to overlook any aspect of your fire escape procedure, from first discovery to final extinguishing. This is particularly true for your fire exit door provision; if your staff cannot get out quickly and easily, precious minutes may be lost.

Of course, the dilemma is that in this day and age, your premises also need to be secure, and so our range of fire exit items are designed to help make emergency exits swift - and prevent unwanted entries!

Grab and Smash: Life Axes and Life Hammers

In today's double-glazed and toughened glass world, it's surprisingly hard to smash a pane of glass easily! The Lifeaxe was invented and developed in the UK to aid passengers to escape from rail carriages through their ultra-tough windows, so rest assured it will do a good job in your home environment, as well as in any office, warehouse or vehicle.

The five steel points, combined with the weighted head, will smash glass up to 6mm thick, and the knuckle guard ensures you won't get cut yourself. Our bright red Lifeaxe comes with its own holder, ready for you to mount next to your windows.

The Lifehammer is ideal for carrying in vehicles, whether your car, coach or staff minibus. In an emergency, you can use the heavy double hammer head to smash glass, and the safety blade will slice through any jammed or obstructing seat belts. In addition, the Lifehammer has a glow in the dark button, so its easy to find without lights.

Break Glass Key Boxes: Simple, Effective, Recognisable

If your fire door requires a key, it's hard to beat a traditional break glass key box for an instantly recognisable means of escape. Coupled with a hammer and chain, it provides a quick method of escape that still maintains your security.

I'm Just Popping Out for a Ciggie…

Now that smoking is banned in public spaces, your staff who smoke will be heading for the nearest exit more often than they used to. The temptation to just pop through a fire exit door will be overwhelming, so prevent unauthorised use of fire doors with a Exit Stopper.

This bright red alarm bears the simple message "STOP Emergency Exit Only", so any staff is immediately warned not to use the door. If they persist and open the door in a non-emergency situation, a 97db alarm siren sound will alert you and other staff immediately. The unit is also ideal in retail remises for preventing shoplifters making a sneak escape via the fire exits even when locked by panic bolts.

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